Turn with Omnitapps Wayfinding your paper floor plan into an interactive multi-touch application. Vendors can be grouped in categories and banners can be added and linked to vendors on the floor plan. Easy access via a search functionality in the application. Facilities can be defined as you would like them to appear. 250+ different facility icons available! Easy drag and drop configuration. Customizable screen colors and layouts.

The interactive wayfinding is designed to guide around visitors of a trade show, company building, museum or shopping center in a quick and easy way. With the fast search functionality visitors can find an area of interest quickly and it will be displayed on the floor plan, including the fastest way to get there from the kiosk. The design of the interface can easily be adjusted to your requirements, so it fits your company guidelines. This application is also equipped with a banner system, which can directly point to an area on the floor plan when required. For each location extra information can be defined by means of a photo, information, website, logo, etc.


  • Accessible and user-friendly Wayfinding

  • Great search functionality

  • Customers don’t have to download anything

  • Reducing printing usage

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